Byron Katie Live from Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Episode Two

02.04.2020 - By The Work of Byron Katie

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This episode of The Work of Byron Katie podcast is a continuation from last week's episode, recorded live from Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California.

To begin, participants at the event ask questions following an inquiry between Byron Katie and an event participant (available in last week's episode). Byron Katie offers her experience to participants who have various questions about The Work, including how to do the Turnarounds. Next, Byron Katie and a participant practice inquiry on a powerful list of complaints.


The Work is meditation. It is a method of inquiry born directly out of Byron Katie's experience. This practice allows you to access the wisdom that always exists within you.

As we do The Work of Byron Katie, not only do we remain alert to our stressful thoughts--the ones that cause all the anger, sadness, and frustration in our world--but we question them, and through that questioning, the thoughts lose their power over us. Great spiritual texts describe the what--what it means to be free. The Work is the how. It shows you exactly how to identify and question any thought that would keep you from that freedom.

Everything you need to do The Work is available free of charge at

This is Episode Two of Four. Please tune in next week for the next episode.

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