Can holistic grazing reverse climate change? A review of Kiss the Ground

09.30.2020 - By Plant Proof - Evidence based nutrition

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In Episode 111 I sit down with Environmental Researcher Nicholas Carter to discuss claims made in the Kiss the Ground documentary that was released on Netflix a few weeks ago.

Specifically we cover:

•The claims made by the documentary around reversal of climate change
•Pro's and Con's of the solutions put forward by the documentary
•Holistic grazing and carbon sequestration
•Alan Savory and science
•Importance of conservation and restoration of forests
•Grasslands versus forests for carbon sequestration
•What a shift to holistic grazing would mean for diets globally
•The evidence based way for individuals to lower their food based environmental footprint
•and much more


•FCRN Grazed and Confused Report
•Paul Hawken's Drawdown Review solutions - Sort by impact and you will see Plant-Rich diets are in the top 4 of all solutions in both scenario 1 and scenario 2 that they put forward.
•Maria Nordborg's review of Holistic Grazing and Alan Savory's claims
•Tim Searchinger's paper on land use
•Matthew Hayek's paper on what a shift from factory farmed cows to grazing cows means for beef supply
•Database of environmental science articles on food and planetary health compiled by Dr Tushar Mehta and Nicholas Carter
•An expansive article I wrote on our food system and climate change

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