Can You Survive This Podcast?

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What's Can You Survive This Podcast? about?

Join host Clint Emerson - retired US Navy SEAL (including 10 years as member of the elite SEAL Team Six), New York Times Bestselling Author of 100 Deadly Skills, and a pretty sick and twisted interviewer – as he explores hypothetical life-threatening situations with a touch of dark humor and asks a simple question: CAN YOU SURVIVE THIS PODCAST?

From earthquakes to home invasions... tsunamis to global pandemics... each episode puts you smack in the middle of a new disaster scenario and provides the essential tools, knowledge and confidence necessary to face any potentially deadly event – and most importantly: SURVIVE.

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Half Way to 2023 (best of e...


Best of the first half of 2022... What scenarios do you want to see in the future episodes??? Let us know in the comments. BUBS promo code: canyousurvive See for privacy information.

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