Episode 15: Canada, Eh! Cryptids & High Strangeness in the Great White North | Bigfoot, King of the Forest Podcast

11.12.2018 - By The Bigfoot, King of the Forest Podcast

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For Episode 15 of the Bigfoot, King of the Forest Podcast, Jeff & Sara have an accidental magical alignment from the Podcast Gods and both bring stories from our neighbors to the north, Canada! In the first part of the show, Sara talks about all the feet that have been washing ashore on the west coast of Canada lately. Where are they coming from? Is there a serial killer on the loose in the wilds of British Columbia? 

In the second part of the show, Jeff talks about his trip over Memorial Day weekend this year with their son, Chance, and the general awesomeness thta is Canada. He also goes into Mishipeshu, the water panther, Mer-people in Lake Superior, Ontario Sasquatch sightings and more!

Some of the stories and things mentioned include: 

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This week's Top 10 list is the Top 10 Reasons Hipster Bigfoot Can’t Even

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