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07.13.2017 - By 2 Boomer Broads Podcast

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Our guest on this episode is Carol Cassara. She is a blogger and CEO of  Carol is a trained hypnotherapist does past life regression. She has spent over a dozen years as a support volunteer for the AIDS and HIV community. She recently founded A Healing Spirit to help others cope with disease, grief, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Coming to you this time from the vortices of Vineland.
Carol studied journalism and worked in corporate America where she had a long and fulfilling career as a corporate executive. She left her job 10 years ago and was looking for something to do in retirement that was more personal.  After experiencing the deaths of her parents and several friends, she felt she could help people overcome grief and anxiety.
One of her friends suffered a terminal illness and she was able to be with her for a long period of time before she died. In her hospital room, Carol noticed her friend was depressed and wanted to help her focus on positive thoughts and healing. She made hand-made affirmation cards for her. After a few days, her friend told her she should market them.
They had discussions on how her friend was using the cards and about what other sick people might want. She now sells 2 sets of affirmation cards on her website.  One set of 50 cards focuses on healing and the other grief. Both sets can be used as daily meditations. They are business card size and easily fit in a purse, or on a hospital tray table.
Companion products to her affirmation cards are guided journals. Each page has a writing prompt to inspire you to write down your feelings and be creative. You can also draw or paste pictures in the journal, make a collage, or use it for whatever you like. There are activities, meditations, questions, ideas for memorials (in the grief journal) and more.
She also offers 4 downloadable audio files for people undergoing medical treatments such as chemo to help your mind and immune system stay strong.
Her husband recently underwent a surgery for a mass on his thymus and was told it would be painful. A week before the surgery he listened to her anxiety audio recording because he was nervous about the surgery. It helped him go into the surgery room with a good attitude. Three hours later, in recovery, he was given a pump for the pain. He asked the nurse for his phone so he could listen to the custom audio Carol made for him and even though his doctor warned him he would be in pain, he barely felt any.
The following morning the doctor came in and was surprised at how well he was doing and told him he could go home.  He listened to the audio as his chest tube was being removed and again didn’t feel any pain.  The doctor gave him Oxy to take home but he never had to take it. A man in the bed across from him, who was 30 years younger, had the same surgery and was in excruciating pain. Carol’s husband became a believer. (She says, “He didn’t even know what “new age” meant before that.)
Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression is also a healing modality. Carol took a year-long course at Atlantic University to learn to become a past life regressionist. It helps people find the roots of things that are plaguing them in their lives like fears, scars, pains that never go away, chronic illness, and allows them to let them go.
To do this she puts her clients into a moderate trance and talks them through guided imagery that will take them into a death scene to a past life or into the afterlife.  Some end up between lives with spirit guides in the afterlife. Others have found themselves out in the Universe.  Then she guides them to come back. Nothing harmful will ever happen to you if you go through the process.
It doesn’t even matter if you believe in past lives ...

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