Case 77: Mia Zapata

03.10.2018 - By Casefile True Crime

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Born on August 25, 1965, Mia Zapata lived with her brother, sister and parents in Louisville, Kentucky.

The family lived a comfortable life in Douglass Hills where the children had a free-spirited and carefree upbringing…

* * *

Opening poem titled; ‘Slaughter of Bruce’, written by Mia Zapata.

Closing song titled; “Bob - Cousin O” performed by The Gits, written by Mia K Zapata, Matthew F Dresdner, Andrew L Kessler and John Stephen Moriarty © Fishheadhotdogburrito Music, licensed courtesy of Rogue Octopus.

* * *

Researched and written by [Anna Priestland](

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