Case Updates and Reflections 2019

09.03.2019 - By Canadian True Crime

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Back with the next full episode on Septmeber 15, but here's all of the major updates from the cases I've covered - as well as some of my thoughts and reflections.

Approx timestamps of cases discussed:
02:00 The Murder of Tori Stafford - update from her father, Rodney
11:00 Elizabeth Wettlaufer - release of report after inquiry into what happened
14:00 Sara and Taliyah - sentencing of Edward Downey
16:00 The Brentwood Five - thoughts on this, my most controversial episode
21:00 The Murder of Lyle and Marie McCann - update on parole of Travis Vader
24:20 Curtis Vey and Angela Nicholson - surprising update
27:50 Andrea Giesbrecht - surprising update
29:40 The Murder of Laura Babcock (Dellen Millard) - a new struggle for Laura's family
32:40 The Murder of Reena Virk - Kelly Ellard update

Research: Enya Best and Kristi Lee
Audio editing and theme music: We Talk of Dreams

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