Catalyze Your Business Growth w/ Nick Bradley

02.24.2022 - By Jake and Gino Multifamily Investing Entrepreneurs

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On this episode, Jake and Gino interview Nick Bradley. Nick is a world renowned business-growth expert. He is the co-founder of Fielding Group, working with entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors to improve the performance and build high value companies. Key Insights: 00:00 Introduction 03:35 Starting a business 07:05 Difference between start-up and scale-up 11:10 Three questions to ask yourself when scaling up 16:07 Getting into the mind of building empire 22:38 Five key areas the business must master in to scale 28:44 Breaking down the scaling of business 33:33 Communities and coaching: the ways to get results faster 34:30 Recommended books: Traction, 12 week year 37:00 Wrap-up Check more about Nick's initiatives here: About Jake & Gino Jake & Gino are multifamily investors, operators, and mentors who have created a vertically integrated real estate company that controls over $100,000,000 in assets under management. They have created the Jake & Gino community to teach others their three-step framework: Buy Right, Finance Right and Manage Right®, and to become multifamily entrepreneurs. Subscribe to this channel: Sign up for free training: The resources you need to succeed at every level of apartment investing: Apply for Mentorship: #realestate #multifamilyrealestate #multifamilyinvesting #investing #apartmentinvesting Jake & Gino Facebook: Jake & Gino Twitter: Jake & Gino Linkedin: Jake & Gino Instagram:

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