Episode 16- Catatonia

09.19.2017 - By Psych Essentials

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In the final episode of our introductory consult-liaison series, we are going to discuss catatonia, a surprisingly common condition seen on medical units as well as inpatient psychiatry. What is catatonia? What does it look like, and what conditions is it associated with? We’ll discuss the terminology associated with symptoms of catatonia. We’ll then discuss the catatonia exam, a physical exam that elicits signs of catatonia, and the Bush Francis Francis rating scale, a useful tool for diagnosing and monitoring catatonia. Finally, we’ll discuss treatment options including benzodiazepines, zolpidem, and ECT.

Photo credit: Franck Vervial, “Les poupees russes font grise mine,” Flickr
Episode Music Credit: Javier Suárez, Tumbling Dishes, Better With Music

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