CBT and Freud

06.10.2019 - By Private Practice Podcast

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Jon Ronson mildly irritated James a couple of weeks ago, with an interview in which he expressed an opinion of psychoanalysis wasting his time and CBT coming to save him, pants outside tights, quicker than lightning. Or something like that. Well Dan has plenty of experience in CBT and wasn't going to let James' ignorant opinion of CBT's hollow vanity go unchallenged. Challenge James he does, in the blue corner… Meanwhile, in the red corner, James has the id, ego and superego in his box of tricks. Which side will win? Well both of course, because this isn't a sport and consciousness is highly nuanced and contextual. Having said that though, really James wins.

We discuss:
What is CBT and what's involved?
How is psychoanalysis different?
When is either relevant?
What is the id, ego and super-ego, and which one tells Dan to dress people up in school uniform/which finds this abhorrent?
And James describes the psychoanalytical process in a ridiculous 'Little Britain' style, prompting Dan to repeat the whole idea in a normal voice for his own sanity. Enjoy.

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