Celebrating Your Engagement (What Are The Rules?)

01.11.2021 - By Betches Brides

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Jordana and Nicole start the week off with an update on their wedding plans, then dive into some listener emails. A listener writes in to ask if it’s fair to expect a bigger response from her friends and family after getting engaged. Why did her friends throw an engagement party for someone else before throwing one for her? Then another listener writes in to ask how people go about finding an officiant for a non-religious ceremony. Is it normal to ask a family member, or should you search for someone more experienced? Next, another bride asks if she’s obligated to include the wife of the best man in her bridal party even though they’ve only met once. Are there rules for including family in the wedding party? Finally, they close the show with a game of Runaway Bride, featuring a debate about Ross saying “I take thee Rachel’' at the altar.

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