142: Changing the Face of Accounting – Liz Mason of High Rock

08.27.2019 - By Where Accountants Go - The Accounting Careers Podcast

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Liz Mason, CPA and founder of High Rock Accounting, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast.
Family of Accountants
Liz comes from literally a family full of accountants.  She has several family members that chose accounting as a career; however, her career as an accountant started out much differently than you may think.  Liz is a self-described rebel, and tried a few of the other majors before settling on accounting.  As it turned out though, due to the early influences in her life, accounting was just something that came naturally for her.  She easily passed her classes and subsequently easily passed the CPA exam as well.
Created an early ‘bot’
We frequently talk about ‘bots’ in the accounting profession now, but 10 years ago taking a process that was manual and making it automated was a very cutting-edge endeavor.  In Liz’s early years with Grant Thornton while she was still an entry-level staff person, she created an automation that cut down a process that typically took close to a day down to only two hours.  She didn’t realize at the time how valuable it would be for the firm, but it ended up getting her a promotion to work at the national office for Grant Thornton.  She also realized how much interest she had in innovation in accounting, and completed a Masters in Information Management shortly thereafter.
High Rock, plus, plus…
Liz now runs High Rock Accounting, an accounting firm focused on serving clients better through the use of the latest technology.  I say “plus, plus” because she also has recently launched Rebel Rock, Tackle, and has yet another business set to launch in about a year.  She’s focused, as she says, on “…changing the face of accounting.”  She’s determined to make it a better place for young professionals to not only be able to grow their careers, but also to fit within the rest of their personal and family needs as well.
After you listen to the podcast, make sure you check out the “Hot Accounts” show on Youtube.  In this video series that Liz and her team put out, they interview interesting individuals with a story to tell, and eat progressively hotter salsa as the show goes on.  Don’t worry though if you don’t have too much time, the shows aren’t all that long.  You can only eat so much hot sauce in one sitting. 

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