Changing Your Finances with Kayla Sloan ( – REPEAT

05.30.2018 - By Hustle to Financial Freedom

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Today we are hanging out with Kayla Sloan from Shoe-A-Holic No More. Kayla’s finances were out-of-control but with a little focus she was able to change things around.
During our time with Kayla we talked about everything you need for your Financial Freedom Journey. Kayla shares her advice on everything from emergency funds to buying a home.

* 00:22 – Kayla’s bio
* 01:04 – Kayla’s journey
* 02:50 – Creating a budget that works
* 03:58 – Kayla’s aha moment
* 06:05 – Advice for those currently shopping for a house
* 07:32 – The Emergency Fund
* 08:03 – Transparency and Accountability
* 10:13 – Giving up traditional employment
* 12:15 – Kayla’s prefered debt pay off method
* 13:33 – Preparing a budget
* 15:58 – Advice for those starting their Financial Freedom Journey
* 18:17 – Kayla’s financial hero
* 19:14 – Keeping up with the Jones (and your Facebook friends)
* 22:19 – How to find Kayla
* 23:09 – Win a $50 Visa Gift Card

Resources & Links:

* Mint
* YNAB – You Need a Budget
* Paula Pant
* MoneySmarts 003: Simplifying Your Finances with Paula Pant
* What’s on your mind? – This video showcases the fake Facebook persona
* Shoe-A-Holic No More
* Financial Conversation Podcast

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