19: "Chapter 19" (S2E11)

06.15.2018 - By The Legion Podcast

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Whew, rough season finale if you're rooting for David to be the hero. This episode had us spinning with possibilities, wondering whether we've been misreading reality from the start. Basically, Noah Hawley is the Shadow King and he's messing with our minds!!!   Note: Jason's audio is crappy sounding for the first 6 minutes or so because of a technical flub, but then it sounds clear after that.  Thanks to all you good people (who deserve to be loved) for coming along with us this season - as you can tell, we really dig this show, and it's so fun and rewarding to dive into and talk about in-depth. So, we'll be back next season! And who knows, maybe we'll come back with a bonus episode sometime in between. In the meantime, you can check out our other stuff at podcastica.com if you want.  If you want to join our little club and talk online about all kinds of geeky stuff (and help support Jason's podcasting career), consider joining our Patreon group. Find out more at patreon.com/jasonandkaren. Have you left us a review yet? You can do so here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/legion-cast/id1204912803?mt=2&ls;=1 And thanks again to Jim and A.Ron at Bald Move for getting this podcast off the ground with me. Check them out at baldmove.com. We'll have to get one or both of those guys on again for an episode or two next season!

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