Charlie Thompson

05.06.2013 - By Bigfoot Tonight Show

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M. Charlie Thompson, the founder of Sasquatch Tracker, said, “The environmental conditions in Alaska are excellent and would easily support a Sasquatch population.”  Sasquatch is known by many names including Bigfoot, and is a large bipedal hominid creature that is the subject of on-going controversy and Hollywood movies.  Many people believe Sasquatch is a myth especially since a hoax that involved two men placing a gorilla costume full opossum entrails in a freezer happened a few years ago, but to Thompson, the search for Sasquatch is serious business.  Thompson’s interest with Sasquatch spans almost 40 years.  He first became interested in 1977 while living in Idaho.  This was the same time frame that Hollywood was turning out all sorts of Bigfoot and Sasquatch movies.  Thompson admits he was influenced by the movies and said that after seeing the movies he was left in a state of wonder, wondering if there was a possibility that the movies could be based on real beings.  Thompson moved to northern Idaho in 1983.  In 1985, he wanted to move to British Columbia to conduct full time research, but lack of funds kept him based in Northern Idaho.  His interest in researching Sasquatch was renewed after reading about a 2005 sighting of a Sasquatch along the Alaska Highway between Port Alcan and Northway on the internet.  Thompson has personally discovered several sets of tracks in his area and also heard tree knocking sounds while camping.  Thompson uses the experience he gained while working on an archaeology degree to survey and record the site of each encounter that is reported to him.

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