Charlotte Cushman: When Romeo Was A Woman (rebroadcast)

08.06.2019 - By Folger Shakespeare Library: Shakespeare Unlimited

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You probably have a mental image of the Victorian Era. Straitlaced, rigid, and repressed, right? Meet Charlotte Cushman, born 1816. She was an actor known for playing traditionally male roles, like Romeo and Hamlet. She managed her own career and demanded to be paid as much as her male counterparts. She spent her life in a series of romantic relationships with women. And she was an international superstar. She was so famous and beloved that newspapers called her by just her first name, like Madonna or Beyoncé. She was “Our Charlotte.” In this episode, originally broadcast in 2014, we talk about “Our Charlotte” and her remarkable career with Lisa Merrill, a professor in the Department of Performance Studies at Hofstra University and author of When Romeo Was a Woman: Charlotte Cushman and her Circle of Female Spectators. Merrill is interviewed by Rebecca Sheir. From our Shakespeare Unlimited podcast. Originally broadcast October 22, 2014 and rebroadcast with an updated introduction August 6, 2019. © Folger Shakespeare Library. All rights reserved. This episode, “I Will Assume Thy Part in Some Disguise,” was produced by Richard Paul. Garland Scott is the associate producer. It was edited by Esther Ferington and Gail Kern Paster. Ben Lauer is the web producer. We had help from Larry Josephson and Robert Auld.

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