337- Checklist Inversion

10.05.2021 - By InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast

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“Invert, always invert” — Charlie Munger
If you want to really be a great Rule #1 investor, you must have an investing strategy in place to help guide you. 

You must create a story for the company you want to invest in and determine why this is a great company. Once you have that story, invert it by flipping to the opposite point of view. 

You should try to create the argument that this investment isn’t the best idea, and if you can’t, then that is a sign that you don’t know enough about the company yet.

So, as a part of your Four Ms checklist, one of the last steps is to invert. 
When you apply inversions to buying a business, there are four key reasons to look at: 

You have a serious inversion for every key reason to own the business

You know every reason not to buy a company, better than the short sellers

For every inversion, you know a solid rebuttal that erases the inversion

Short sellers are wrong!

In this podcast, Phil & Danielle cover why it’s important to invert along with four key things to consider for your checklist inversions.

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Topics discussed in this podcast:

How to Create a Story

Why You Should Always Invert

How to Invert to Own a Business

Four Key Points of Inversions

Relating to Chipotle & Gamestop

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