Chewing the Fat with Jeff Fisher

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What's Chewing the Fat with Jeff Fisher about?

Jeff Fisher (aka "Jeffy") from The Glenn Beck Program, Pat & Stu and Pat Gray Unleashed. In each episode of Chewing the Fat, Jeffy covers the daily fat pile, water cooler chit chat, road raging and a new segment called living the American Dream. Follow Jeffy on Twitter: @JeffyJFR Follow Jeffy on Facebook: Jeff Fisher Radio

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Not Doin That!... | 9/26/23


Baby formula shortage?... Rat Lungworm invasion… Ford halts EV factory, for now… Debate comin up… LEGO’s want sustainability… Nissan all electric in Europe… Naked Attraction on MAX… Gay orgy with priests and sex worker… [email protected] Victoria’s Secret The Tour 23 ...

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