Episode 8 - Children of the Corn

08.11.2016 - By You've Got Time - an Orange is the New Black podcast

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  Things are starting to get deep, y'all. Season 4, Episode 8 of Orange is the New Black is stuffed with relationship issues, foreshadowing, and some seriously fantastic acting.  This week, guest Patrick Schmidt (Netflix Life, FanSided) joins us for a chat. We try to answer the questions: Why is Red so damn helpful all the time? Did Linda actually have a point for once in her life? Also, what in the what is going on with Nicky? (Hint: We're super concerned about Nicky.) Totally Non-Required Reading: Cal and Piper's phone call in this episode reminded me of this article* from the Verge on unfair charging practices within the prison phone system.  There's a fun interactive tool where you can see what each state in the U.S. is charging per second. The disparities are astounding.  Reminder: We want you to be a part of the conversation. Join us for our live tweet every Monday at 9pm EST. This week, on Monday, August 15th we'll be watching S4E9, "Turn Table Turn." You can contact our Orange is the New Black podcast on Twitter @YouveGotTimePod, via email at [email protected], or on Facebook at facebook.com/YouveGotTimePodcast. We’d love to hear from you! * http://www.theverge.com/a/prison-phone-call-cost-martha-wright-v-corrections-corporation-america  

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