183: Chris Charpentier, “Weird Caribbean Weed”

04.19.2019 - By The Narrators

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Episode 183: We went digging deep into the archives for this week’s 420-friendly story about teenage shenanigans and strange encounters on a cruise ship. Show favorite Chris Charpentier originally told this story six years ago, on 16 May 2013, at the Deer Pile (R.I.P.) in Denver, Colorado; the theme of the show was “Fake.”
Chris Charpentier is a Los Angeles-based comedian and actor who has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Viceland's Flophouse, and more. He's the host of the podcast Sports Bullies: The Game; the star of the web series Brotherly; and a recurring character on the television show Those Who Can't.
Special thanks to TIQ TOK, who provided the outro music for this episode.
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