E996: Clearbit CEO & Co-founder Alex MacCaw is creating god-mode for marketers with Clearbit X, gives insights on dynamic customer targeting, prioritizing profitability over valuation, GDPR’s adverse

11.01.2019 - By This Week in Startups - Audio

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0:58 Jason intros Alex MacCaw
2:26 What is Clearbit?
8:53 What are some Clearbit use cases?
12:48 Benefits of cashflow positivity in terms of fundraising
15:39 How Jason felt about Alex Tew’s Calm investor updates
18:59 GDPRs effect on Clearbit and the industry as a whole
27:37 How did Alex go from anti-coaching to benefitting from a CEO coach?
32:49 Alex’s experience finding a CEO coach from Naval Ravikant
34:22 What did Alex learn about company building from his coach?
38:39 Clearbit’s therapy policy
44:10 Alex’s history before Clearbit
47:16 Jason describes his first business, “Jason’s Hot Tapes”
49:37 What is Clearbit X?
53:26 Alex gives advice to his younger self

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