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What's Coffee & UFOs about?

Welcome! We drink coffee (or whatever) and have short, fun chats about weird stuff including our own personal UFO, cryptid and ghostly sightings and experiences. It gets casually strange and philosophical with friends and enthusiasts of ufology and the paranormal. Our own version of the Upside Down...but lighter...and we make it out alive! To see these chats in video format please go to: subscribe on YouTube, like the video and click that notification bell! Thank you!If you've had your own UFO sighting comment "UFO" below.Please check out my other pages!YOUTUBE:

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E30 • UFO Over Car and Dead...


Race Hobbs, Program Director of KUNX Digital Broadcasting Network shares several UFO sightings. In one instance Race dashed out of his radio station (leaving dead air on the broadcast) to see a UFO hovering over a car in the parking ...

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