Collaboration is The Key to Success | Interview With SVP & CMO of Webex by Cisco, Aruna Ravichandran

05.21.2022 - By The Playbook With David Meltzer

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Aruna Ravichandran, SVP & CMO of Webex by Cisco, shares her insights on how video-conferencing trends have shifted in response to the pandemic, as well as how apps can be used to promote mental health and better work/life balance for a remote workforce.
Ravichandran and host of #ThePlaybook, David Meltzer, share their thoughts on topics including Webex’s rebrand as an all-in-one collaboration platform, how tools such as real-time translation allows more people to be hear and understood, as well as the role that inclusivity plays in designing technology solutions that works for individuals who prefer to communicate in different ways.

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