Combat Story (Ep 51): Erick Miyares | Tier 1 Sergeant Major | Special Missions Unit | Marine | Echo9

11.20.2021 - By Combat Story

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Today we hear the Combat Story of Erick Miyares, a retired Sergeant Major who spent nearly 30 years in the military in the pre- and post-9/11 era. Erick was a Marine, Marine sniper, part of 7th Special Forces Group, and then spent over 20 years in Tier 1 Special Mission Units. [Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Loansteady LLC. A small-by-design lender, Loansteady believes in bringing a much-needed dose of humanity to the mortgage process. They are waiving all lender fees for Veterans in 2021. Visit to request a rate quote or start an application. Loansteady LLC, All rights reserved, NMLS# 1701910, (, Equal Housing Lender. For more licensing information, please visit] Erick has been shot (with small arms and rockets), run singleton and low vis missions, operated in multiple theaters and countries, and cheated death (and capture and compromise) on numerous occasions. He’s only recently separated from the service and stepped “out of the shadows” to where he can discuss some of the aspects of these clandestine and secretive roles and the toll it takes on a person. Erick uses his experience and the hard lessons he learned to drive Echo9.axiom and Echo9.hopes with a specific mission to prevent the suicide of Veterans after having lost two close friends in 2019. This is a fantastic interview that dives into what’s involved in the shadowy world of intel and reconnaissance at the elite level. I hope you enjoy this vulnerable and introspective Combat Story with Erick as much as I did. Find Erick Online: LinkedIN Instagram Echo9.axiom Instagram Echo9.hopes Find Ryan online: Ryan’s Linktree Instagram @combatstory Facebook @combatstoryofficial Send us messages at Email [email protected] Learn more about Ryan Intro Song: Sport Rock from Audio Jungle Show Notes 0:00 - Intro 0:55 - LoanSteady - A word from our sponsor 2:22 - Guest introduction 3:28 - Interview begins 6:30 - Growing up in Hialeah (Miami) 17:13 - The idea of the military 28:00 - Once a Marine, always a Marine 37:08 - Combat Story in South America with 7th Special Forces Group 47:39 - The buildup of PTSD 55:40 - Invited to Selection 1:05:14 - Combat Story with an RPG in Ramadi 1:17:10 - Losing two friends from the Tier 1 community to suicide 1:40:44 - Echo9 Axiom and Hopes 1:49:32 - What did you carry with you into combat? 1:51:19 - Would you do it all again?

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