Combat Story #65: Surviving Near Death with Marines in Vietnam | Silver Star | FBI Agent | Jim Horn

03.05.2022 - By Combat Story

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Today we hear the Combat Story of Jim Horn, former Marine Corps Platoon and Company Commander and 25 year FBI Agent. [We're launching on Patreon soon. Register to get notified at] Jim did two tours in Vietnam surviving near death experiences on several occasions. He earned a Silver Star in a company on company-level battle on remote hilltops fighting suicide attackers, recoiless rifles, rockets, and calling in danger close rounds and air strikes. After the Marine Corps, Jim went onto a fascinating career in the field as an FBI Agent that included work with SWAT, a violent crime profiler, and leading the Bureau’s trauma program. Jim doesn’t hold back when sharing the special bonds he experienced with his fellow Marines holding the line in these profound but common battles so far from home and I hope you enjoy these down-to-earth and Oklahoman stories as much as I did. Special thanks to Combat Story listener Terry B for suggesting Jim as a guest on the show. Find Ryan Online  Combat Story Merch  Ryan’s Linktree Instagram @combatstory Facebook @combatstoryofficial Send us messages Email [email protected] Learn more about Ryan Intro Song: Sport Rock from Audio Jungle Show Notes 0:00 - Intro 0:40 - Guest introduction (Jim Horn) 1:31 - Interview begins 1:58 - How his dad’s guilt over not serving in World War II influenced his decision fight in the Vietnam War 18:57 - Shipping out to Vietnam and immediately becoming a platoon leader 35:01 - Combat Story #1- First time in combat and taking in the arm from friendly fire 38:27 - The three things that you need to lead Marines 44:42 - A tough first tour and survivor’s guilt 50:22 - The incredible leadership and Marines he fought with 1:00:57 - Combat Story #2 - Silver Star event 1:16:35 - The perceptual distortion that happens in combat 1:31:13 - Jim’s time in the FBI and what makes a great profiler 1:45:48- What did you carry into combat/interrogations? 1:48:30 - Would you do it all again? 1:55:16 - Listener comments and shout outs

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