Commander Legends | Before You Go

02.22.2021 - By Legendary Creature - Podcast

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We’re back Bae-BY! We know everyone is getting into their Kaldheim product, but before you go dive into the Nordic-inspired possibilities, let’s check out a few listener brews from Commander Legends that could inspire your creativity. Below are the decks in order of appearance. Arrofil’s Belbe: T. Coats’ Halana + Vial Smasher: Goldfinger77’s Halana + Ravos… and Oketra?: Tofeh’s Dargo + Keskit: Agnos’ Rograkh + Thrasios: Sam Consumes Pie’s Krark + Vial Smasher: ------------------- Patreon:  YouTube:  Twitter: @legend_creature ------------------- Intro and outro music artists vary each episode, but comes courtesy of the sexy souls of the following artists: Home –  Protector 101 –  Dan Terminus –  Silver Richards –

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