Concrete Cat - ep2 - Makers Moment

03.08.2019 - By Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair

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OG Edmonton concrete design superstars Matt and Shauna Heide from Concrete Cat are designer/maker/manufacturer hybrids, who went from construction company to concrete design house, making super bright, colourful modernist objects out of one of the supposedly dullest, coldest materials around: concrete. They’ve been at this for ten years and it’s so great to hear from those who have been in the game for a while about where they came from. Of course, they ignored some sage advice and followed sheer curiosity to make something truly new. That eventually led to work for the Whitney Museum, Sephora, and the Dior fashion house as well as a slew of other brands (Maker goals, amirite?). Matt and Shauna tell us how a lucky break helped them get into the USA and global markets and they also talk about working together as a couple, tell us what their take on being a maker is, how concrete is a polarizing material and how being based in Edmonton has affected them over the years.

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