Concussion 101 | Dr. Molly Parker

08.11.2020 - By Do The Thing, with Whole30's Melissa Urban

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I got a concussion in December 2018. It took me 15 months to recover, and the symptoms still come up to this day when I’m stressed, flying, or in a hot tub. I knew nothing about concussions, and certainly didn’t expect depression, panic attacks, skittering vision, or debilitating exhaustion. By the time I was finally diagnosed, I was terrified, confused, and felt very alone. Some of my earliest reassurance was @mollyparkerpt’s Instagram page. It was a treasure trove of concussion information, and immediately made me realize this was serious, but it was also treatable. Today, Dr. Molly Parker is here to share her expertise on concussions—the symptoms you might expect (and those you might not), finding the practitioner that’s right for you, working your treatment plan and evaluating success, and what to do if you find, like me, that your symptoms aren’t resolving in a few weeks, as they usually do. 
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