26. Conscious Preparation for Birth and Motherhood

03.08.2020 - By The Good Enough Mother

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I talk about the process and practice of conscious mothering through The Good Enough Mother, but what does that paradigm look like when applied to birth? This episode is with Leisa Masters of Earthside Birth Services who is an online pregnancy and birth mentor. She works with women who wish to uncover what they want for their births and their lives, and holds the vision that women know themselves best. In this episode we break down what conscious preparation for birth actually means. We confront and raise difficult questions about how women deal with systems and often-oppressive structures, to arrive at what it actually is that they want for their births, their motherhood, and their lives. The way our conversation unfolds reflects the interwoven nature of birth, consciousness, feminism, patriarchal motherhood, individualisation, shaming, lack of choice, silencing, re-claiming, and the power we have in modelling for our children. The journey of birth preparation – and mothering – is ultimately about how we find and ‘be with’ who we authentically are.

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