Constitution Study Radio: Lesson 13, Amendments, Convention

07.06.2014 - By Constitution Study Radio

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Lesson 13: Article V. - Amendments, Convention

The Rule of Law is a standard given to us by the United States Constitution, but it can be changed.  The Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, enabled us to change the Constitution as necessary, through the amendment process.  But the Houses of Congress are not the only ones able to propose amendments.  The States can too, through what is called an Article V. Convention.  In fact, there are three kinds of convention, and today we will talk about all of them, and the benefits, and dangers, of each of them.

Join Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio as he journeys through the United States Constitution. We study the concepts, principles, and direct text of the U.S. Constitution from the original point of view of the Founding Fathers.

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