Conversations with Tom | Rachel Hollis Reveals How 2020 Will Awaken Strength You Never Knew You Had

10.29.2020 - By Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

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Trauma, healing, and 2020. It is without a doubt that this year has been one of the most dark and tumultuous years in America’s modern history. Every corner of the country has felt physical, emotional, mental, and economic pain. Without a doubt, there will be a great deal of trauma felt as a result of this year. How should we be responding to it? What can we do to cope with such trauma in life and how can we come through dark times stronger and more resilient than before? On this episode of Conversations with Tom, author, blogger, and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore how to look at trauma in your life in a strong, healthy, and productive way that will help you move past it and grow. They discuss the devastation of 2020, why you need to speak from your scars, the origin of intuition, why you should crave competition, how to deal with stress, the reality of being a hardcore entrepreneur as a woman, the importance of having goals in life, the challenges they both faced in building their businesses, and much more.   Order Rachel’s new book, “Didn’t See That Coming”: This episode is brought to you by: Better Help: Get 10% off your first month at Panasonic HomeCHEF 4-in-1 Multi-Oven: To receive special offers, go to and become a Panasonic Kitchen Insider.  NETGEAR: Learn more at SHOW NOTES:   Where We Are Now | Rachel shares why she decided to write a book on trauma. [0:45] Economic Disaster | Rachel discusses the economic devastation felt this year. [7:15] Speak From Your Scars | Rachel reveals why she included her divorce in the book. [10:52] Comments | Rachel discusses YouTube and social media comments. [14:31] Energy Healing | Rachel discusses energy healing and cold reading. [21:10] Intuition | Rachel and Tom discuss intuition and where it comes from. [29:24] Everybody Has Something | Rachel and Tom discuss the minimum requirements. [33:58] The Social Dilemma | Rachel discusses the dark truth of technology. [36:04] Crave | Rachel and Tom discuss what’s possible to get addicted to and what isn’t. [41:38] Writing | Rachel and Tom discuss writing motivational books versus writing fiction. [50:43] Character | Rachel and Tom discuss what makes up a person’s character. [53:59] Competition | Rachel and Tom discuss being competitive in your pursuit of your goals. [58:27] Death | Rachel and Tom discuss death and confronting mortality. [59:25] Childhood | Rachel shares how her childhood had an impact on the rest of her life. [1:06:16] Sincere Pursuit | Tom shares why if today were his last day, he would be proud. [1:08:07] Authenticity | Rachel and Tom discuss the importance of knowing yourself. [1:10:00] Dealing With Stress | Rachel and Tom discuss meditation and managing stress. [1:18:17] Rules | Rachel and Tom discuss the importance of drawing a line in the sand. [1:26:04] Entrepreneur | Rachel discusses being a woman in ‘hardcore’ entrepreneurship. [1:27:56] Goals | Rachel and Tom discuss the importance of having a goal. [1:37:14] Money | Rachel and Tom share why money should never be the motivating factor. [1:44:35] Business | Rachel and Tom discuss the perseverance needed in building businesses.[1:48:34] Identity | Rachel shares why she keeps pushing through the barriers. [1:54:58] Difficulty | Rachel and Tom share the challenges they faced that brought them to today. [2:02:15] Social Media | Rachel shares how she discovered the reason for her anxiety. [2:10:15] Imagery | Tom and Rachel discuss the power crafted images in our minds have. [2:16:13] Men & Women | Rachel and Tom discuss the unique strengths of men and women.  [2:26:13] Truth | Rachel and Tom discuss what is absolute truth and...

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