10.20.2021 - By Adrian Goldberg's Talk Show

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Will the UN’s climate change conference in Glasgow – Cop 26 - be a cop out? Prime Ministers and Presidents from around the world will strut their stuff and talk a good game around Net Zero, but what action do we need to really grapple with what is an existential crisis for the millions of people -often in the Global South - who face the prospect of floods, droughts, rising sea levels and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns?  
Adrian Goldberg meets two radical thinkers; Silvia Pastorelli, is a Climate and Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace’s European Unit in Brussels which is co-ordinating an EU wide petition to ban all fossil fuel advertising and sponsorship, and Adam Ramsay editor of the UK based Open Democracy website who has written extensively about climate change. 

Produced in Birmingham by Adrian Goldberg and Harvey White.

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