4: Coping during the time of Covid: Mental Heatlth strategies for our well being with Anna Benassi

03.02.2021 - By Move Better, Feel Great with Ace Morgan

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Anna Benassi walks us through these times with some great information on how to support individuals and partners  through these times of covid. Anna  a Licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist. 
Anna enjoys working with people who identify as on the fringe, people who may look like they fit in but don’t feel like they do. Anna also specializes in working with other psychotherapists and social workers who need their own therapists. Anna has extensive training in grief and loss, couples counseling, group counseling and Gestalt  therapy. Anna has been teaching at the California institute of integral studies for the last four years and currently an assistant professor core faculty for Integral Counseling Psychology program.
 Anna has been a practicing Buddhist for the last 27 years in the Vipassana tradition. http://www.annabenassi.com/ 

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