Coronavirus & WH Credibility; Biden vs. Sanders and Super Tuesday II; Warren & Sexism

03.08.2020 - By SE Cupp Unfiltered

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The Coronavirus has unleashed a wave of panic across the country, and the misinformation and contradictions coming from the Trump administration are fueling the fire. Ann Kurth, the Dean of Yale's School of Nursing, and former VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe join SE to discuss the White House response to the outbreak. Bernie Sanders attacks Joe Biden for his "establishment" ties, but Biden's Super Tuesday performance proved the establishment appeals to a lot of voters-Sanders' Wisconsin Campaign Chair Rep. Mark Pocan says don't sleep on Bernie Sanders' appeal. Former MI Governor Jennifer Granholm previews Tuesday's crucial Michigan primary. Was sexism to blame for Elizabeth Warren's campaign collapse? Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle & Erin Ryan talk it out. Now that it's basically a two-man race, will Sanders and Biden change their media approaches? CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter shares his predictions.

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