Countdown To Disclosure - S14E21

05.11.2021 - By Probing Ancient Aliens

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When will disclosure about the existence of alien life, extraterrestrial spacecraft, and government knowledge occur in our society? When will the public know the TRUTH about the existence of intelligent life on other planets - and that our government has been lying ot us all along? The leaked military UFO encounters were just the tip of the tip of the iceberg - so when will the United States, China, or Russia reveal what we’ve known all along but could never prove: that the super powers of the world are in an arms race to procure and reverse engineer off-world technology to gain an exponential military advantage? We don’t know, but our plucky ancient astronaut theorists sure think they do! Let’s prooooooooooooooobe into Season 14, Episode 21 of Ancient Aliens: Countdown to Disclosure!

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