Couples Communication Strategies For Stressful Times

03.23.2020 - By The Love, Happiness and Success Podcast With Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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If you're cooped up at home, bickering with your spouse (or worse) help is here: I asked my colleague, online marriage counselor and relationship coach Silas Hendrich to join me on the podcast and offer his relationship advice. We talked about things you can do right now to not just improve communication, but also restore and strengthen your emotional bond during this challenging time. Takeaways: How some people (often men) tend to internalize stress and withdraw How some people (often women) tend to exernalize stress and need to talk How this (predictibly!) creates a communication gap and emotional mis-match How to stop the ensuing pursue / withdraw cycle and start connecting compassionately How to cultivate different ways for couples to understand each other so they can have more empathy and understanding, and meet each other's needs Exercises that couples can do to improve communication How to get on the same page and create agreements and understanding Ways of communicating with your partner in tense moments so that you can grow closer as a couple, instead of creating conflict I sincerely hope that the excellent, actionable communication tips Silas shared are helpful to both of you right now. With love,  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby  

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