COVID-19 Crisis // 59º North's Contingency Planning

03.24.2020 - By On the Wind Sailing

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#284. Andy leads a roundtable discussion with all of 59º North's stakeholders (minus Mia), including Lee Cumberland, Ryan Finstad, Ryan Ellison & skipper August Sandberg. The gang talks about how COVID-19 is impacting our 2020 sailing season, how we're thinking about it, and strategies we are implementing to deal with it. Recorded March 15, 2020. -- ON THE WIND is presented by Sailing Yacht Power Solutions - makers of the revolutionary power generation solution that eliminates the need for a separate generator and uses your current engine installation. Contact S/Y Power Solutions at -- ON THE WIND is also supported by Weems & Plath, makers of fine nautical & weather instruments since 1928, And Chesapeake Sailmakers, Local Annapolis based sailmaker, and distributer of Elvstrom Sails. 

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