117. Cozy Winter Cooking with Farm-to-Table Restaurant Owner in the Italian Alps | Vea Carpi of Mas Del Saro

01.27.2022 - By Simple Farmhouse Life

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It was so fun to talk to a fellow homesteader and mama who shares my love for cozy winter cooking.  My new friend, Vea Carpi, is a farmer, cook, wife, mother, and restaurant owner in the Italian Alps.  In this conversation, she shares all about her unlikely story of becoming a homesteader and what she is currently cooking and serving in her restaurant and home.  I came away from this conversation with so many new ideas to try in my own kitchen, and I hope you will find some inspiration too.
In this episode, we cover:
- What lead Vea to start a restaurant out of her home
- What Vea is serving in her farm-to-table restaurant and in her home
- A creative way to use kitchen scraps to flavor future dishes
- Italians’ simple approach to food
- A variety of traditional Italian dishes and techniques that you could easily incorporate into your own kitchen
Vea Carpi is an ex-city gal who fell in love with one man and then fell in love with his mountains: the Italian Alps.  Vea and her husband and three children live and work on their small mountain farm raising a variety of animals and growing their own food.  Together they run an intimate farm-to-table restaurant, Mas Del Saro, adjacent to their home.  Vea is the author of a cookbook in Italian and German entitled La Mia Pasta Madre.
Vea Carpi of Mas Del Saro | Website | Instagram
Lisa Bass of Farmhouse on Boone | Blog | YouTube | Instagram
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