#202 Crafting Your Vows

06.17.2020 - By The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

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Tanya Pushkine, The Vow Whisperer, NYC, joins today to talk all about crafting wedding vows. We meet with one COVID survivor and NYC Physician’s Assistant who is planning her own micro-wedding right now.
Tanya is originally from Brussels, Belgium and started out in the acting profession. After graduating from Juilliard, she had a solid 10 year career, but gave it up to pursue the corporate route. Tanya ran Public Relations and Philanthropy departments for luxury brands until she made the brave move to leave it all behind last year and join the wedding industry. Tanya has been working virtually from the start working with couples all over the world to lovingly craft meaningful wedding vows and speak those words with intention and feeling at their wedding.
Big Takeaways
People want to write their own rules. These are difficult, uncertain times, our words of love and commitment to each other are so important.
Having a guide to walk you through the writing process is a huge stress reliever.
Think about the things that brought you together. You know the stories, but your guests probably don’t. Those stories make for wonderful vows.
Links We Referenced
2 hours free consulting - The first 5 listeners who book Tanya for 3 hours will get and additional 2 hours for free! Reach out to Tanya directly - [email protected]
“That first meeting we decide what’s the vibe going to be like? Do you want people to be crying the entire time? Do you want this to be hysterically funny?” - Tanya
“I don’t think vows should be people standing up there talking about a perfect relationship, because there is no such thing.” - Tanya
“This is the one part of the wedding that does not cause more stress... I’m literally holding their hands from the very beginning up until the moment before the ceremony if they want.” - Tanya
“Wonderful and beautiful things need to be held really close right now.” - Christy
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Special Guest: Tanya Pushkine.
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