Episode 68 - Craig Nash (Enneagram 6)

09.26.2019 - By The Enneagram Journey

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Have you taken a test to find out your enneagram number? Did it turn out to be incorrect? Craig Nash is one of MANY people who has had this experience and he shares it on today's episode of The Enneagram Journey! Suzanne and Craig discuss the counter-phobic/phobic continuum, relationships between Sixes and Twos, Sixes and Fear, chaining, and on and on. Be sure to listen for the Jason Isbell lyrics that Craig claims is the Enneagram Six Anthem! If you have questions for Craig, or want to hear more from him, he will be back in Dallas on October 18th as part of a panel for a Live Enneagram Journey Podcast with Suzanne! visit www.lifeinthetrinityministry.com for more details and for tickets. Thank you for listening, for your support of the podcast, LTM, and for Joe and Suzanne's work! We hope you enjoy today's show, and to see you at an upcoming event!

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