286: Create a Dashboard for Your Life With Dan Pardi From Human OS

09.16.2019 - By The Wellness Mama Podcast

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Dr. Dan Pardi is a researcher at Stanford University in California and at Leiden University in the Netherlands who specializes in studying lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, and diet. He is the CEO of Human OS, an app designed to take a healthy lifestyle to the next level, hour by hour. This is not your typical health tracker. When I checked it out after meeting Dr. Dan at Paleo FX this year, I knew I had to share it with you! Part of the reason Human OS succeeds is it operates on a behavior model called the Loop Model, which not only measures activity against your goals, but helps you tap into the “why” and the “how” to keep you motivated and overcoming obstacles. Human OS even takes into account the light (or lack of light) you’re exposed to during the day, memory retention, and other details other apps miss. Episode Highlights With Human OS How Human OS creates highly credible, easy to understand, referenced courses on health topics Ways that light affects our bodies and the ideal pattern for exposure Why friendship may be the #1 health hack A simple way to manage stress better Five key development objectives: brain development, mind development, wisdom development, personality development, and real world skill Strategies for education in a fast-changing world And more! Resources We Mention HumanOs.me (use code WELLNESSMAMA to get the first month for $1) LIFX lights Blog post on friendship Deeper Sleep Hacking (interview with Dan Pardi) Book: Thinking, Fast and Slow TED Talk on Optimizing Light for Health: Did you enjoy this episode? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well. Read TranscriptChild: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast. This podcast is brought to you by Joovv. You’ve heard me talk about them before but their red light therapy or photobiomodulation lights are a part of my daily routine. Here’s why: There’s evidence that certain wavelengths of light are beneficial to the body in various ways. On a cellular level, they may help improve mitochondrial function and increase production of ATP, or cellular energy. This can manifest in clearer skin, more energy, quicker recovery and even increased hair growth. I use red light on my thyroid as part of my protocol along with a low inflammation diet and other lifestyle factors and am in complete remission of Hashimotos. Also, since I do spend careful and moderate time in the sun and don’t plan on giving that up anytime soon, I use red light to help protect my skin and guard against wrinkles. They now have two new innovations that make it even easier to get red light. The Joovv Go is a small handheld (and much more affordable) device that can be used on face, joints, hair or anywhere you want red light. For a more large scale option, their new modular design lets you order panels and group them together so you could have one unit or up to six all linked. Find out more at Joovv.com/wellnessmama and use the code WELLNESSMAMA to get a special gift. This podcast is brought to you by Magic Spoon Cereal. I know, I know… never thought you’d hear me recommend cereal, did you? That’s because almost every cereal out there is full of refined sugars and grains and often GMO ingredients and food dyes. Yet, Americans certainly love it! In fact, the average American consumes 100+ bowls a year, and that number accounts for people like me who don’t consume any at all! Now, cereal lovers can rejoice that there is a high protein, low carb, grain-free, gluten-free, nothing artificial, childlike cereal that is great for grown-ups, too. With 12g of protein per bowl and only 3g of carbs it tastes like the cereal you remember but without the sugar high or the guilt! Check out magicspoon.com/wellnessmama for all the details Katie: Hello and welcome to “The Wellness Mama Podcast.” I

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