Ep 007: Creating Your Family Mission Statement

01.22.2018 - By The Purpose Show

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Creating a family mission statement is a really great way to lay the foundation for what your purpose is as a family. It outlines the things you stand for and things you don’t.
A family mission statement is exactly what it sounds like, an intentional statement that you make together with your family. It encapsulates your priorities and your goals as a family.
When parenting gets tricky, and your kids start getting older, it’s a really great way to have something to go back to and compare things with. Your family is going to be raised, and your kids are going to grow and become adults, setting a solid foundation with a family mission statement, can help keep you all focused on your family goals.
Everything I talk about in this episode can be found here: http://alliecasazza.com/shownotes/007
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