Creative Financing Lab Series Ep 2 » Use Creative Financing to Buy YOUR Dream Home

04.21.2021 - By Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

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Every Wednesday at 8 a.m. PST and 11 a.m. EST, Pace Morby, Matt Theriault, and I are going LIVE to answer your questions about creative financing. Bring your questions, get ready for some enlightenment, and join in to connect with other real estate investors who are looking to expand their network. A lot of you listening to this are entrepreneurs or self-employed, and we know, because we’re just like you, that it’s hard for you to get a traditional loan from a bank! I’ve used creative financing deals twice to get an amazing mega-mansion in St. Louis because I had some foreclosures in my past. Creative financing lets you sidestep some of the problems business owners run into with bank loans, so buckle up and see how easy it can be. Even Pace has gotten in on the action with a massive mansion in Phoenix that he bought on seller financing. If you’re asking yourself what kind of lists we’re using for creative financing, the answer is easy. None. That’s the beauty of financing. We’re advertising to the same sellers that wholesalers are, but we’re closing 2-3x more deals because creative financing just opens up massive options.  The foundation of every deal lies with the seller’s motivation, says Matt. That’s why he’s scouting for motivation. Here some of Pace’s smooth-talking for how he gets a seller to open up about their motivation and learn how to present your price in a creative way. Pace says he’s not looking for ARM mortgages or a balloon on the property, but a crazy good interest rate will definitely sweeten the pot. After all, he’s not buying for appreciation, he’s buying for cash flow. What's Inside: —Do you want some magic words from the sellers? How Pace gets the seller to talk about their circumstances. —Pace says he will buy negative equity deals. What?! Hear why inside. —The seller speaks price, so when you come into a conversation throwing around wholesaler lingo, they are not going to understand you.

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