Cultivate a Good Life

By Becky Higgins & Becky Proudfit

What's Cultivate a Good Life about?

Join Becky Higgins and Becky Proudfit on a weekly basis as they discuss topics in a podcast environment that is encouraging, positive, and FUN! Topics will be all over the place because there is SO much to cover that relates to each of us doing our darnedest to cultivate the best life possible. Some topics include: Marriage, family, relationships in general, positivity through trials, organization, time management and balance, memory keeping, traditions, business, social media, etiquette, lifestyle, home life, and on and on. Be sure to follow @CultivateAGoodLife on Instagram for behind-the-scenes and other fantastic sharing.

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129: Heal Your Body With Fo...


Be sure you listen to Ep. 128 before you listen to this one. In Part 2 of this episode, we continue our conversation with certified holistic nutritionist, Natalie Postl as she shares more thoughts on how we can heal our ...

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