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Travis Hall is an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God, where he serves as lead pastor of Life Church International in Diluth, GA. Pastor Travis is a visionary leader who’s passionate about developing leaders, communicating the Gospel, and reaching people who are far from God. In addition to being an author, in 2016 he launched -- with the mission of helping people discover and cultivate their God given purpose. To contact Pastor Travis, visit his website at  -----------------    If you want to help us transform the lives of even MORE MEN for God’s glory, please take a minute to leave us a helpful REVIEW on iTunes: and SHARE this podcast with any young man (or men) you’re mentoring or discipling. And make sure you don't miss an interview episode by signing up for our Man-to-Man eNewsletter at, and grab your FREE copy of the Real Men Victory Tracker.  Are you stuck? Want to go to the next level in your marriage, career, business, or ministry?  Then maybe it’s time you got a coach. ALL CHAMPIONS have one. Let me coach you to help you strengthen your faith, improve your marriage, spiritually lead your family, achieve more, balance your time, grow your ministry, or even stop an addiction. Click here for details:   Also join us on: Join the Real Men 300: Facebook Group: YouTube: Facebook: @realdrjoemartin Instagram: @realdrjoemartin Twitter: @professormartin

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