CUST CORNER 34 | Waffle Cones, Viral Videos, Billionaires in Space, New Car Features

08.12.2021 - By Pat Mayo Experience

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Pat Mayo, Geoff Fienberg & Tim Andercust hit all the things bothering Cust recently in the 34th installment of… CUST CORNER!!!!!!!
Original Air Date: August 2021
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Show Index
00:00 Intro
1:23 Viral Videos
13:43 Tim’s Haunted House
19:03 Credit Card Fraud
26:38 Waffle Cones & Ice Cream
37:51 Keto & Calories
39:31 Tim’s New Car
50:31 Fancy restaurants & Organization
58:25 Pringles Mascot
1:07:16 Tim Too Rich
1:15:09 Picture & Picture
1:20:07 Billionaires in Space

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