Cut To Black: A Sopranos Sitdown

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What's Cut To Black: A Sopranos Sitdown about?

What more could be said about The Sopranos? Well, frankly quite a bit! Join seasoned Sopranos vet Jim Scampoli and Sopranos virgin (yes they exist) Jakob Burrows as they embark on a journey through all 6 seasons of The Sopranos starting with episode 1. Whether you have seen them all multiple times or you are just now getting around to it, there will be adventure, excitement and plenty of gabagool. Interact during the live recordings on our Youtube channel or send comments and thoughts to [email protected]

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From Script To Screen – The...


We have a very special discussion for you all this week! We are going all the back to The Sopranos pilot (“Those goddamn ducks”) but we are discussing it in comparison to the original script! Between the path of the ...

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