11.21.2020 - By Revelations Radio Network

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Episode 268: On this show, Flippy will teach kids how to be social, 33 updates x2, Space Pope Reptilian likes racy photo, Amazon goes pharmakeia, Newsom World Order, being watched via toilets, waccine for every Americans, Chairman of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa says the rona is a “hoax”, pathologist calls covid a hoax, AI smart light chip, Alphabet X to help mental health, cyber pandemic is globalist false set up for false flag, because of all the hackers during the pandemic special! #Newsom #Cyber #AI   SHOW NOTES:    COMMUNITY:     BECOME A PRODUCER! Paypal:  Patreon 1:  Patreon 2:  Crypto:    LIVE ON: Twitch: YouTube 1:  YouTube 2:  DLive:    LISTEN: RSS:  Spotify:  Apple:  Google:  Amazon:  Podbay:

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