Daily Dad on the Opinions that Parents Pass Down To Their Kids

06.25.2022 - By The Daily Dad

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Ryan talks to his friend and writing partner Nils Parker about how parents opinions impact children and end up shaping their worldview. Hiya is the pediatrician-approved superpowered chewable vitamin created by two dads tired of children’s vitamins that cause more problems than they solve. Daily Dad listeners receive 50% off your first order. To claim this deal go to hiyahealth.com/DAILYDAD or enter code DAILYDAD at checkout. Magic Spoon is an adult version of what you loved as a kid—without the sugar, carbs, or guilt. Go to magicspoon.com/DAILYDAD to grab a custom bundle of cereal and start your New Year off right! And be sure to use our promo code DAILYDAD at checkout to save five dollars off your order. NED Products will help you perform better, sharpen your mind and get consistent, quality sleep. Go to https://helloned.com/DAILYDAD or enter code DAILYDAD at checkout to get 15% off. InsideTracker provides you with a personalized plan to improve your metabolism, reduce stress, improve sleep, and optimize your health for the long haul. For a limited time, get 20% off the entire InsideTracker store. Just go to insidetracker.com/DAILYDAD to claim this deal. Ritual is a multivitamin that delivers high quality nutrients, including Vitamin D3, in just 2 daily pills. Get key nutrients without the B.S. - Ritual is offering listeners 10% off during your first 3 months. Visit ritual.com/DAILYDAD to start your Ritual today. Sign up for the Daily Dad email: DailyDad.com Follow Daily Dad: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

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