Episode 3 | Damon Gameau | Director of 2040 & all time good bloke helping to take regenerative agriculture to the masses

05.26.2020 - By The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott

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In this episode Charlie chats to award winning film director & change maker Damon Gameau. He delves into his own Regenerative Journey, from his early career as an actor, and the pivotal moments that were the catalyst for his change in direction. They talk Covid-19 and the opportunities the pandemic is providing to reshape redundant mindsets, including the role of regenenerative agriculture has to play in a new paradigm. No chat with Damon is complete without of course, delving into his 2040 film as we learn more about Damon's inspirational fact based dreaming approach.   Episode Takeaways | It felt like a noble job to be playing another human being.. but then, you have to juxtapose that with paying the bills | At the time I had really spent a lot of effort cultivating this persona of myself, of this rollie smoking, velvet jacket wearing actor.. who just loved the first 3 months of relationship, who just then ran for the hills | People who are genuinely doing amazing things.. like trying to help the planet, we just don’t have any accolades or awards ceremonies for those people.. this has always been baffling to me | We are so controlled by the story that we tell ourselves | With Covid-19 all those illusionary forms and structures have suddenly dissolved and we have seen how fragile our system is | Off the back of 2040, there has been so much travel with that…I just burnt myself out, traveling every week. It’s been quite a revelation to stop…to be at home | This is a moment - a rare moment, that the door is slightly a jar…This is the moment that we have been waiting for. Suddenly we have pressed stop on the system. In this pause moment, it's the chrysalis, it's the caterpillar going into the cocoon | All these key different elements of our biodiversity, they are so under the pump right now. Going back to normal (post Covid), is a suicide mission | We cant be outsourcing everything overseas anymore, the current system is not robust. It's a 20th century model that's trying to deal with 21st century problems. We have to adapt | Regenerative agriculture is absolutely the most exciting 'bio tech' that is emerging this century | All the magic is under our feet - it's just waiting patiently, calmly | Be kind - don’t over think this, as a race we do actually get on. We do care about each other.  Links Whats your 2040 ? - website for Damon's 2040 film (released 2019) Kate Raworth - Uk economist  Charles Massy - author of 'Call of the Reed Warbler'  Regen Ag course - Southern Cross University Martin Royds - Jillamatong, Braidwood Impossible foods - plant based food co. Sustainable Dish - Diane Rogers.   Polyface farms - Joel Salatin Raymond Williams - quote  The Intrepid Foundation - improving livelihoods through sustainable travel experiences Tim Flannery - Australian palaeontologist The Living Mountain - book by Nan Shepherd  The Future we Choose - book by  Christiana Figueres Fantastic Fungi - film The Tim Ferriss show  - podcast  Landmark Worldwide- transformation course / personal development           

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